Be careful while using stranger’s charger your iPhone or iPad may get hacked! Got shocked? , it’s true, a group of security researchers from Georgia institute of technology developed a malicious charger capable of transfer malicious codes into your iOS devices.

The most significant feature of this charger is that, without user interaction or jailbroken the charger is capable of injecting malicious codes, which means any iOS device can be infected by using this charger and the malicious programs will hide from your app list, so users were unaware of infection. 

Developers named this charger as “Mactans”, it’s a scientific name of the Black Widow spider. They developed this charger by using Beagleboard, a three inch open source single-board computer sold by Texas instruments for $45.

It’s unclear how they will transfer program code along with electrons and how the three inch BeagleBoard fit into Apple’s chargers. Let’s wait and see, the malicious charger will be demonstrated at Black Hat Security conference on late next month.

Sources: BlackHat | Forbes


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